Advantages of avacado

Posted by Massjo Thursday, September 17, 2009

Generally the avocado as a fruit with a high fat content, But, high levels of fat in the avocado oil is indeed useful fot following:
- Helps to prevent high blood pressure and stroke
In mineral salts of potassium the avocado is higher in state. This helps a good diet for patients with hypertension and obesity ,Cholesterol, especially with heart disease and strokes
- It contains vitamin A and chlorophyll, and its fat stores large amounts of vitamin E. Combined with vitamin A, chlorophyll and vitamin E has been shown to preserve the skin fresh.
- To overcome the anemia (low HB)It contains iron and copper, it helps to produce a new blood formation and helps to prevent anemia.Magnesium and calcium to help bone health.
- Avocados are good for pregnant womenIn avocadoIn the folic acid is rich. These are needed for healthy growth of the child brain and spine.
Moreover, it also contain vitamin B6, that is very useful for checking the functioning of the nervous system.
Consumption of avocados in the period before pregnancy and during pregnancy can prevent vomiting


  1. Avocado leaves are employed as a remedial for arthritis and tumours. They have also been shown to have a positive impact on high cholesterol.

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