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Posted by Massjo Thursday, September 24, 2009

The two main words are interpreting in the human life that is "Health and fitness" . That is with good health that your body independently you becomes fit. And also Similarly, daily excercises are makes you fit, and which maintain your body health and fit.

And there is no age limit to health and fitness care. There is no restrictions in health , it is never too late to make modifications in life, and live a healthy and fitnes life. And doing a daily excercises routine is the first step to maintain a healthy and fitness life. And then if u age 35. you will find good life more once you start incorporating some exercise in your daily routine.

Although it is good to exercise at least thirty minutes everyday, Iniatially, you can start out with twenty minutes of exercise thrice a week. Exercise inlude walking, swimming, a game of tennis or any other physical exercise that works up a sweat in you, and excercise is not only work outting in gym.

Besides exercise, health fitness care is also dependant on your diet. There is no need of making any drastic changes to your diet; doing regular activities like , eating more of fruits and vegetables makes a great impact on your health.

Try to avoid a fatty items in your daily food. All these tips are maitaining a health fitness care ; however if you intend to lose a few pounds, you will have to cut down your calorie intake. You have to reduce your calorie intake by no more than 500 calories to ensure that you lose weight.


  1. Using quality products is also good and safe for your skin.Develop a routine and be consistent. A new habit can take about six weeks to become a part of your lifestyle.

  2. Useful article. One of best way to maintain a healthy skin is to have at least 8 hours of night sleep.


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