Techniques to loosing weight

Posted by Massjo Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1.Avoid eating oily foods in hotels which is a best resource for increasing weight, so if you want to gain weight here is the best tips that you should eat more junk food , and this causes lots of problems for heart.

2.Controll oily food , use only sunflower seed oils which is good for health , reduces the risk of heart problem.

3.Eat more fibrous food every day in your diet. Now you will think which fibrous food is best , and all I will recommend you to use some oats in your daily food,

4.Take two to thee oranges every day instead of tea and coffee, As this will reduce the intake of sugar and make your days calorie less , Orange side rind which contains white portion is good source of fiber, too While you sieve your daily flower for making bread or roti , what ever remains over the sieve is the best source of fiber , so make bread or roti out of this retained flakes , you will definitely get benefited from this.

5.Dont take too much of sugars in your daily intake , from coffee or tea or what ever sweet you eat.
6.Best practice is to drink as about one glass 200 ml water every one hour , This removes away createnin , and other nitrogenous substances which are harmful and to body , this practice will make your skin look beautiful and younger and will help you to reduce your weight this is the important tip in weight loss .


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