Ayurvedic tips

Posted by Massjo Saturday, October 3, 2009

Every one knows about the ayurveda. It is the natural health care system which means using natural health herbal products the disease will be cure. And also it is using from the ancient Vedic Tradition of India . This is the one of the oldest medical care treatment of world.

The main objective is in the ayurveda is to maintain our body health and fit by using natural herbal care products. Usaully excercise is not only the solution for curing every problems, apart from that, there are many problems are locating in the human body, By using natural things, improves sleep, memory power, enhance your energy, healthy growth, it maintains your body weight according to your height and age. And improvement of muscles, and provides you a great looking body.

It does means all the things are because of ayurveda but it is essential to our human body.For a regualar basis you should keep up your eating timings, and should drink 4 to 5 liters of water every day. Should not keep your body hot or cold, always keep it as a warm condition.


  1. Make meals fresh each day as leftovers, as tempting as they can be are actually lower in energy. Avoid eating salads or raw foods if you are feeling anxious or nervous.

  2. Always do regularly do exercise. Exercise can improve metabolism, your digestion and even prevent constipation or related health issues.


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