Teeth care tips

Posted by Massjo Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the human body one of the important part is Our teeth. Because its also gives a attractiveness to the people . And also it is more sensible to take care. The out coating of the teeth is the most important one , because it only gives the whiteness to the teeth. Thats called oral hygine.

The following tips are for take caring your teeth.

1. First and foremost thing is you to brush twice in a day (i.e) both in the morning and night,before going to bed. Should keep to follow this to child from from their childhood days. Should always use soft angled and well condition brush.

2. Try to add daily eating foods containing calcium in rich and protien

3. Many of the people are brushing in a wrong way, so you should learn the proper way of brushing from your dentist.

4. Always change your brush once after 2 months, that will be beter to your teeth

5. Chwing some gums in mouth, that will be used to improve blood circulation.

6. Try to avoid sugary foods and drinks.

7. Gargle with salt (rock salt) water every night after meals.

8. Should always clean your toungue while you are brushing.

9. Using Fluoride containing toothpaste is better for our teeth.

10. Avoid taking very hot or very cold food.

11. Do not smoking ,drinking alcohol and chewing tobacco.

12. Have a regular check up with your dentist.


  1. You have a nice and detailed post and it really helps in protecting our teeth from undesirable damage and to keep it healthy always.

  2. Change your toothbrush regularly. Seeing a dentists every six months is important.

  3. rosesteven Says:
  4. I recommend brush twice a day.Do not forget to brush before sleeping. Also eat white things like cheese, milk etc.

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