Womes health fitness tips

Posted by Massjo Thursday, October 1, 2009

In this running world women's are doing very big role in the society they are maitaining many things in the world, like many women's are doctors, engineers and etc... But they are doing other things also such as, shopping, keeping the household running. and also they are live hectic.. And also they are not keeping their body fit and healthy, but some of few have doing excercise.. and maitaning their body fit and healthy.

Here are some tips for their health and fitness in their routine life. Take food at a regular time that is morning , afernoon , night time. And put schedule for your work, and take rest atleast 30 mint in between your work, Dont make a stress work to your body,

Eat healthy food every day, if u can means daily walk atleast 4 to 5 km per day at early morning, and do some small excercise like some streeching excercise.The whole point is to make you more relaxed. Plus with a good healthy diet and fitness routine you will see yourself be more energetic, less stressed and relaxed. And always make your body fit and fresh.


  1. It is always necessary to have right diet in order to stay healthy.Fat abundant diets must be avoided as these kinds of foods not only disfigures a person, but also are hazardous for health.

  2. Quiet interesting and informative blog. I like the information. Thanks for sharing this information.


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