Muscle building tips with simple excercise

Posted by Massjo Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Many guys are interested to develop their body fitness through muscle building exercise, but the sad one is that, which is not applicable for every one, only those who are taking dietary supplements. For Skinny bodies is not a fault on your self, it depends upon the food system that you are taking.

Muscle building is not depends on the money that you are spending, it is only because of your hard work, dedication, and patience that your putting. More often, many of them are thinking muscle building is only because of taking steroids and other chemical supplements, that is more expensive and deadly also. By taking dietary food and some complex exercises, every one could achieve it easily.

Doing simple pull ups and pull downs, will increase your upper chest also will give you shape of your body. But the repetition is important while you are doing; it's just 20 reps for every set that you are doing.

Shoulders extension

For shoulders just do simple up lift exercises by using dumbbells, and by weight lifting machine, also you just to increase the weight for every set that you are doing.


This is the most important one for fitness of your body, because which is base of your body. This helps you to increase the width sizes of hamstrigns, quadriceps and lower back.

Triceps extension

Triceps extension is also important one while you are doing muscle building, like standing, lying, and seated dumbbell extension.

Apart from these exercises, all you need to take proper rest and diet, you got to take 7 hours sleep.


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