Best Health Care Tips Juicing For Your Health

Posted by Massjo Friday, March 18, 2011

How to maintain our health and fitness? Most of the people are searching answer for it by net or from someone and spending lot of money .Why we came to this way?Because many people in the world are looking to finish the work as much as fast. So they are not ready to watch or care about their health. So at this stage there are moving to gym, having medicine and some health class etc. I thing these things are against nature health of the people. It can help them for few years not for entire life.

Here I would like to say, just few ways that I know to help our-self in nature way. Just try to follow these 4 ways that can help you to live long life.

1. Drinking Water:

             Regularly having water is really very good for your body; it will cure more then 100 types of disease. Our body contains 70% of water in muscle, 85% of blood in brain, and 80% of blood. Each and every cell of body needs water. It’s used to reduce cholesterol, useless muscles, helps to better function liver and helps you to safe the skin from moisture's.     

2. Have some walk:

      Now day’s people become very lazy, because of transport and time delay. Most of the people have stopped walking. As per the medical research one person should walk 30 min per day, it should be about 2.2 miles or 4400 steps, more then it still too good. walking will keep you fit , keep your brain boost or active, it good for your heart, it keeps your bone strong ,it can cure your blood pressure and we can keep breast cancer and lung cancer  away from as. Mostly important it will reduce your stress.

 3. Healthy food and fresh fruit:

     Most of diseases are attacking the people because of their food habit. People are not aware of their food. They are eating unhealthy food, now in modern world people are interested to have tasty food but not the healthy food’s they have losing there white blood hormone, so there is no production for body. Many of them have forgotten our nature foods.

   Having a healthy food like fresh vegetables and fruits will help you to avoid diseases and to keep your fitness. Whatever you are eating, should be limit. Food can be medicine, also it can be poison. It’s only in our hand.
4.Good Sleep:

       Sleeping minimum 6 to 7 hours per day is good for health, It can help you from heart disease, from stress, can loss your weight, having a deep sleep is good. It makes your brain brisk and keep you smarten make you body strong.

Author: Nethaji C K A


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